Lazy Hair Day + Get Ready in 5 Minutes!

Am I the only one who tends to sleep in till the last five minutes of having to be out the door? It is actaully a real struggle of mine and i need to work on it. Since, I try to look presentable without not putting in much effort I put together two of my go to looks when running out the door.


I always find myself putting my hair up when I’m in a rush. Whether, I’m throwing it in a loose bun or top knot I’m always trying to give it some sort of “I tried” today look. With the look below I parted my hair so my bangs were pulled over to the left side of my face. I started to twist little parts and pin them into the back of my small bun. Since I love messy hair I pulled out little pieces to still give it that lazy vibe. I then pulled my hair from the back to add a little bit more volume to get the final touch!




My second look is my absolute go to look when  I am going anywhere. It takes a good 3 seconds to do and looks effortless! I made sure before I put together this look to add some dry shampoo which gives it a more voluminess look. It also keeps my second day hair non-oily of course! I then threw up 3/4th of my hair and put it in a pony tail. Once again, I don’t like that flat look so for more volume on the top of my head I added a bobby pin to add more of a bump got that messy look I’m trying to achieve. After, I will go over a few more curls and then I’m done!


What is your favorite look?



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