This is so new for me and I am actually excited so start this new page. I was thinking about what more did I want to add to this blog to engage with more of you. Then, I had my “Aha!” moment and realized I want to have Coffee Talks with you. Exactly what’s coffee talks? It’s my own page to talk about what is going on in my life. No, not what food I am eating or whatever other Facebook posts you see these days. I am going to share hilarious stories from the week, lessons I’ve learned, music you NEED to hear, or whatever random thoughts are going on in my head that week. In that case, lets get started with my first coffee talk ever!



“I am not who I was a year ago, and surprisingly I am okay with that.”

I feel I could have named this “change” but that is not what I am here to talk about. I wanted to do a small chat about how I felt I have changed just within the last year. (I am a little late. January is almost over. I know.) Last year, I had no regrets. I look back with only a positive  mind. Yes, there were those days where I was like “Why did you do that?” or “Anna, that joke wasn’t funny please stop.” However, Just within that last year I have totally changed the way I see and think about things.


A year ago, I was so worried about little things that don’t even matter now. I cared SO much about what people thought of me. Which is so funny because people will hate on you whether you’re good or bad. It just takes time for you to notice you are worth more than anyone else’s thoughts. I think the day I realized I wasn’t here to please every in my life I started to truly become more passionate about the things I love and the people I love.


I look back and see that I was constantly apologizing. I would say “sorry” to a chair just because I bumped into it. Yes, please laugh it’s ridiculous I know. I learned that I don’t need to say sorry to every single person because I wasn’t in the wrong. Ironically, most of the time it was the other person who needed to say sorry. Not me. I caught myself being sorry so much I eventually didn’t even know why I was sorry anymore. Now I know when to say sorry and that has made all the difference.


I now know when to speak my mind. Up until the ending months of 2016. I never voiced my opinion about anything. I never wanted to feel stupid for being wrong or hurt someone’s feelings for having different beliefs. Then, I realized “Why can someone sit here and throw all there beliefs and thoughts about whatever they are talking about and i can’t?” But I can. and so I did. Respectively of course. I began to have better and more interesting conversations. I didn’t fear being wrong anymore and it felt great.

It was these things that changed my life for the better. I only hope to continue to change the way I think and the things I do. This past year, I can proudly say who I was a year ago I am not anymore and that is truly the best feeling.

See you next week,


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