Coffee Face Mask? Yes, Please!

Lets talk skincare..



If you know me then you know I have an obsession with skincare products. I have no idea how it came about, but all I know is I can’t live without them. I use face masks about 2-3 times a week to unclog my pores and reduce acne. I picked this face mask to talk about because it’s all organic and as most Lush products it’s also vegetarian! Also, it smells  like coffee and leaves your face smelling like it! (Where were you all my life?) This mask is called Cup O’ Coffee. This mask is made to clean up your complexion and remove any dry skin leftover. It is based on coffee grounds which gives it a thicker texture which I prefer because it’s just a little bit rougher on the skin. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has very sensitive skin because of how thick it truly is. If you do have sensitive skin I do recommend mask of magnanimity This mask is about the same but more of a deep cleanser and not as thick!  I even use this mask for spot treatment and it has never failed me! I feel all organic products like Lush has done me better than any drug-store medicated products!

Hope this helps and let me know if you love any of there other skincare products. I would love to know!

As always,



Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with lush for any of there products. I genuinely love Lush’s skincare line and wanted to share with all of you 🙂

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