Leaf Lover & Sweet Green!

If you follow my instagram you know I have a serious problem posting about my salads. I am obsessed with trying different kinds!

There is a small cafe near me that is my go-to! For all my locals it is White Street Cafe located in Downtown Frankfort. They have the biggest variety of salads I have ever seen and let me tell ya it’s heaven for salad lovers. The salads by them are pictured on the left and top right! Both at which look so pretty but taste even better! 🙂

okok.. so I went to the city a couple weeks ago and discovered Sweet Green. Oh my, I fell in love right away. Sweet Green was a Chipotle but for salads. You are given a variety of options starting from kinds of lettuce to avocado as a topping. I was so excited because it’s building your own fresh salad. Since it was my first time I decided to just grab something off the menu and purchased a Cesar Salad and added things to it. I went with kale and small bits of Romaine! Added was bits of chicken and tortilla toppings. I am mad I went so bland, but when I am back in the city I will for sure to go full out to make the best salad!

Bottom line is need some good salad recommendations or know any? Please share! 🙂

Love always,


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