☽ C H O K E R S ☾

So I am making a blog post about chokers and I never thought this day would come. When chokers started to become a trend (again) it was the 90’s grunge jelly ones. Which don’t get me wrong some girls can rock that, but I certainly could not. So, I waited for the fad to end and it has yet to end and I am actually happy it hasn’t. Despite, the popular jelly chokers they have the cutest (as I always say) boho chic chokers EVERYWHERE. I was scrolling through Instagram and right then and there I have went to the dark side. So, people layer them which I am in love with and have yet to do. I promise eventually it will happen and you will possibly see pics. Anyways, I went on an excursion to francesca’s and saw that there were 2 for $20. Oh, and you bet I spent some good money that day. I bought two which are pictured below and I am madly in love with! Also, pictured is my lovely lovely crescent moon necklace from my favorite gal @jqvancouver on insta! I was too obsessed I needed to post again and it looks cute w the chokers if I might add.

                         ♡ ♡ ♡

It’s actually funny because I changed my entire easter outfit so I can wear my new choker.. 

Love or hate chokers?? Give me your opinion. It’s very possible you might be on both ends of the spectrum like I was.. 

Love always,


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