MOD NATIVES ❀ Before and Everything After.

Happy spring my friends! The last time I posted on here it was just starting to become fall, which is absolutely INSANE. I know you are here to learn a little bit about Mod Natives, but let me start your with a little background first. This blog has been with me since I was a sophomore in high school and if you are a real OG then you remember the hideous WIX page we had first LOL.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 5.25.10 PM

(I did not quite have the skills under my belt yet… oops.)

It makes me laugh and cringe at the same time, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. Anyways, this blog has been one of my biggest creative outlets since I was fifteen. The best part is that I got to share it with you and that’s the coolest thing ever. Just this past January, I was in-between two jobs and had a couple weeks where I was out of a job. Let me tell ya, during those times of not having a job and being off of school for winter break you have alot of thinking time. I ended up coming on my blog and reading through my posts and thought about the reason why I created this in the first place. In high school and I am sure most of you can agree, you are JUDGED and that really sucks. You might not relate, which is fine I am not pointing fingers at any one I went to school with. I met really awesome souls along the way and wouldn’t change a thing. I just am talking about the general topic of high school. So, being my fifteen-year-old-self I wanted to make something girls could hop on and read and MAYBE be inspired to step outside there comfort zone and truly not care. Besides my love for fashion, that was the true reason I created this blog.

(Left is 2015 when I first started the blog and the right is 2018. I wanted to add images to make this more intriguing. Oh yeah, I have blonde hair now and it is short. Also, that glove fell out of my pocket. This really is not the best picture to represent, but what are ya going to do. I am happy as hell in it.)

Now, turning 19 in two weeks so much has changed. (which is a good thing of course.) I now am creating a t-shirt brand with my side-chick Elanie. I knew it was time to grow much like how I have these past 4 years. So, back to January I realized I had more to offer than a couple blog posts here and there. I looked up “Girl Boss” LITERALLY. I read so many stories about girl empowerment and motivational women. Not going to lie, I also watched Girlboss on Netflix and Sophia Amoruso truly inspired me to get my shit together. What is crazy to me is that we have so much at our finger tips. I am the true definition of someone who shoots for something they want and does not stop till they can reach it and run with it. I will fall down more times than I will standup and I am ready for it. That is where GROWTH happens. All I have to say is; bring it on. I remember the exact moment I asked Elanie to start a t-shirt business with me. She seriously looked at me with the look “Anna you are crazy, but yes lets do it.” That night we went on so many sites educating ourselves about business and t-shirts and everything you need to know. We knew it would not be a walk in the park, but starting from scratch with a college paycheck made it VERY DIFFICULT. However, I have and I am continuing to learn a vast amount of things I would of never thought of before. I knew when going into this that I wanted it to root from this blog-meaning I wanted these tees to not be something you could pick off the shelf of H&M or Forever 21, rather, I want these to start a conversation. These tees and designs are all ment to tell a story or inspire you. Especially, in this day in age we need to START a conversation not cover it up or hide it. (I will not get to deep into this because it will be a huge part of our launch and I do not want to ruin anything. ) We made these tees to be as unique as possible. We have spent endless days designing and watching youtube videos on how to graphic design. I know we could of hired someone or have a friend do it, however, I really wanted our first collection to come from the heart. (There I go being emo again lol). I  knew right off the bat that I did not want a tee that was just “cute.” I wanted a tee that makes someone say “So, what is that about?” or “That is different. I have not seen something like that before.”  (Hence, starting a conversation) I know these tees will not be for everyone, and we might not even sell much, but if just one person buys it and that is it of the business than I call that a success. If reached one person with the message then that is all that matters to me. I am not going to say much, because once again I want most to be a surprise, but I do plan on having this become a community of creative people who love to share art and spread a message. (I have loads of ideas in this head of mine of many collaborations I want to do with YOU. We can get into that after the launch.) What makes Mod Natives different from a blog or any other business is that I want it to focus on more than just the person who created it or the t-shirt itself. What is important is the message that is behind it. (Of course, looking good while in it too.)  We really can not even begin to explain the excitement we have for this brand. It is truly going to be something for the books. I can’t wait to begin the journey with all of you. I am going to add some quick questions below that you might have that I didn’t answer in the post!


1. When is the official launch?

Originally, I planned for the launch to be in March. (Lets all laugh because that was not happening.) I then thought maybe the end of April. However, we ended up having a multiple hiccups along the way and now I’m shooting for the end of May or early June. It should not be later than that! As soon as I can place a date on it, you will all be the first to know!

2. Is vintgeoverchic still going to be used?

VOC will still be used. We are still unsure if we will create a separate blog on our site or use VOC on our site. Either way, we will still be posting on here when we can.

3. You said a collaboration with your readers? What does that mean?

I have so many ideas about collaborating with women/men after this launch. You will be able to reach out to me or I will reach out to you. This will be further explained after we launch. So just keep your eye out friends!

4. Are you only selling t-shirts?

Right now, we are selling tees, long-sleeves, and tanks. However, I plan on doing and adding so much more to the shop depending on how our turn out is! I am starting small just to test the waters.

5. Are you doing all these tees by yourself?

Elanie and I are the only ones doing these tees. So yes, the tees are only done by us. We have scrapped MANY tees but are trying to perfect them and make sure you get the best quality. We are doing everything by hand and all tees will be “made to order” so we don’t buy in bulk. (We will get into this at the launch.)

I tried to answer most questions I thought you would have so far since we have started. If you have any questions please comment or send us an email at

To see what has been happening follow my personal Instagram @Annmaxrie and follow our @Modnatives account to get pumped for the launch! (We have switched our vintageoverchic Instagram to our modnatives account for those confused. We didn’t post much on there and thought it would be better.)

I’m checkin’ out #nativebabes talk soon.



4 thoughts on “MOD NATIVES ❀ Before and Everything After.

  1. Loved reading this and seeing the process through your Insta girl! Congrats on all the moves you’re making through the blog and now this new business!! Wishing you endless success in this and more in the future girl! xx

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