What is so cool about Mod Natives is that Elanie and I get to do something we are so PASSIONATE about. Every day, we are constantly planning or texting ideas about everything we want for this brand. Every day is so fun and a step closer to the launch. So today–we did a mini shoot. When I say mini, I mean mini. We actually had today planned for two weeks now, however mother nature decided to rain on our parade with 30 degree weather and snow (I mean REALLY!??). Instead of looking at the negative(s) of today, we decided to look back on everything we have accomplished and took the time to plan other locations and ideas for all of these tees. We do love a challenge though, do not get us wrong. This collection name was literally the highlight of what today consisted of. “Grow with the flow” is all about growing into who you are as a person, and the surroundings that shape you; it is also about not stressing over the little things and learning to accept that not everything in life needs an agenda (I mean it couldn’t relate to this process and today anymore). We finally got what we call our #GIRLBOSS and first #NATIVEBABE pictures today. Which was such a huge goal from the start. We totally got Donna and Jackie feels from todays shoot. LOL. We hope you have enjoyed this mini update as much as we enjoyed this mini shoot ♡


Talk later #nativebabes and stay groovy,



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